“Cliff is much more than just an outdoorsman… Cliff is an artisan.”

Wildwood Originals are equally at home in fine hotels, businesses and offices, mountain cabins and your own living room. Each piece of our handcrafted furniture is fully guaranteed for life against all defects in materials and workmanship.

Our creative process begins on “gathering trips” into the mountains where we harvest fallen or dead juniper, cedar, hemlock and other woods of character, as well as travertine marble, formed by thermal pools as found in Yellowstone National Park. Our harvesting techniques are 100% environmentally friendly. We leave no “footprint” on the land.

Since early childhood, East Tennessee native Cliff Garren has been an avid outdoorsman. His “outdoor sporting skills” are widely known in his home community and he regularly guides hunting and fishing trips in Tennessee, Montana, and Alaska.

With the precision and skill of an old-world craftsman, he carefully sculpts each work completely by hand… always striving to bring out the beauty that nature has given him to work with in every piece.

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